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ProTuS is Programming tutoring system that is designed to provide learners with personalised courses from various domains.

Versions of the system:

Version Introduced features Technologies
Mag Java course, Online programming Java, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Protus Java course, personalisation options Java, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Protus 2.0 Java course, personalisation options, communication Java, Vaadin, MySQL
Protus 2.1 Semantic web technologies Java, Vaadin, MySQL, OWL, SWRL
ProTuS 2.2 Visualised analytics, Web Technologies course Java, Vaadin, MySQL, Vaadin Charts, MasteryGrids
ProTuS 2.3 Full Java course with interactive examples, challenges and coding exercises Java, Vaadin, MySQL, MasteryGrids, PCLab, PCRS

You can test the system (latest version – ProTuS 2.3) here.

Demonstration video:

The poster published at the NOKOBIT conference: Elo rating